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Ask me absolutely anything :D   Hi! I'm a russian 2D artist, nice to meet you :3

Gilles The Lightning.
One of the Legendary Seven. A strong mage of lightning and storm >:3

Gilles The Lightning.

One of the Legendary Seven. A strong mage of lightning and storm >:3

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Hi guys! I am here to tell you that I’m still alive and there will be drawings and IceKing AU. I just have some problems in my life. Love you all

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jaycount has finally returned to me



jaycount has finally returned to me


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Anonymous asked: You're back! Here is your complementary gift basket, and a picture of modern Niki Lauda driving his 76 Ferrari.


Yay! Thank you :D

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Anonymous asked: Hello, Jay! Hope you had good time, and welcome back :) *hugs*


Hello, cutie ^^ Yes I had a great time :3 Thank you! 

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I’m back, my sweethearts! <3 Soon there will be drawings :3

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Anonymous asked: Headcanons about a child that would result from Simi?




(Written by me and paradox-of-retaliation)

"In the background we can see the latest, shall I say, ‘hot topic’ of the racing world. World Champions Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel made the headlines with an addition to their family a few years ago and for the first time we have the chance to see the child that has been a mystery to everyone."

The camera pans to Kimi and Sebastian talking to each other, and then downwards to see a little girl with a Ferrari cap and a Red Bull shirt clinging to Kimi’s leg. She giggles once she sees the camera and hides her face in Kimi’s leg, blushing. She waves her fingers and then buries her face again, to the adoring faces of her parents.

"She seems to be a bit shy, of course it’s just her first time in a paddock full of strange people, she’ll get used to it. It’s difficult to imagine that just a day ago the only thing we knew about her was her name, and now she’s been seen around the paddock with one or both of her parents like she’s always been here. She has also already managed to charm her way into the hearts of everyone who has gotten to meet her, Vettel’s team-mate Daniel Ricciardo seemed particularly taken with her when we interviewed him earlier today.”

It cuts to a pre-recorded clip of Daniel Ricciardo being interviewed, smiling fit to burst. “She’s absolutely wonderful.” He says, adjusting his Red Bull cap, “She’s so cute, and she’s hardly any trouble at all, she just follows Seb and Kimi about like a little duckling. I love her to bits, she’s fantastic.” He’s distracted by the little girl in question, running into his leg and looking up at him with a big smile. “She has my smile, see?!” He picks her up and pokes her stomach. “I’m the cool Uncle.”

The journalist chuckles, “They’re like two peas in a pod, aren’t they?” The camera is once again showing the little family standing in the background, Kimi is kneeling next to her, saying something to her and she is nodding at him. He smiles affectionately and ruffles her hair before getting up. Sebastian leans to whisper in his ear, Kimi laughs and kisses Seb’s lips softly before turning to leave.

"Many people were concerned that a gay relationship in Formula 1 would affect the whole system, but after the public coming out of Hunt and Lauda, the fans seem to have taken it on the chin." The camera shows a shot of banners declaring love for the pairing of ‘Simi’ and photo shopped pictures. Many fans ‘ship’ the union and celebrate and congratulate Sebastian and Kimi on their courage on coming out and adopting a child. This has led to Formula 1 becoming one of the most talked about sports in the following years, and Sebastian, Kimi, and their daughter have been thrust into the limelight."

"It’s going to be interesting to see how they will handle all the attention, especially since Kimi has never tried to hide his dislike of anything PR," the journalist says amusedly. "Who knows, maybe it’s going to be ‘like father like daughter’? Let’s hope Sebastian will be more open to the idea of sharing with us." In the background Sebastian is holding his daughter’s hand and they are stepping into the Red Bull motor home.

Holy shit can you write this and can someone art this?? I need this in my life!

I will draw this. Yes °ω°

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Tomorrow I’m going to Russia to visit my family. I haven’t seen them for a long time. And I won’t be able to draw this week so I hope you guys will wait for me. I’ll finish requests when I’ll return! Be here in next sunday! :3

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"I hope to see you on Monday" →



For Dust to Dust, a Simi fic by urbiezira.

My only excuse is - if don’t do something about my feels I’ll lose my fucking mind. So here you go. 

Holy shit. I’m definitely going to continue writing today, shit, you are such a great person <33 I’m going to listen to this now. :3

YES! Omg yes yes yes!

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allonsyfernando asked: Fernando palette 1? :D




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